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Pollinator Photo Contest


Fun fact: pollinators provide us with countless fruits, vegetables, and nuts—they are responsible for giving us one out of every three bites of food! Pollinators sustain our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce. Pollinators include hummingbirds, bats, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, wasps, small mammals, and mostly importantly, bees.

Contest ends September 30th.

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Sunflower T-Shirts Available at Wander & Wonder


Located in the heart of Yellow Springs at 241 Xenia Avenue, Wander & Wonder owner Jake Brummett makes an effort to stock his store with brands that are sustainable and tackle environmental issues. Goods range from backpacks to hammocks to stuff for pups. Wander & Wonder is also the only place where you can find our sunflower t-shirts for sale. What a perfect fit for the 1% for Greenspace program!


“This Land I Love”

An invitational landscape exhibition celebrating our bountiful farmland, forests, and natural areas

The exhibition is now up through August 31st at the Winds Cafe, 215 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs

Presenting Artists: David Leach, Libby Rudolf, Krista Magaw, Jenny Haack, Chris Klinger, Edward Charney,
Ted Vander Roest, Debbie Chlebek, Pat Robinow

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each art piece benefits TLT.

Jacoby Partnership Service Area Map

Email Michele Burns at burns@tecumsehlandtrust.org with any questions regarding the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP), which aims to protect more of the Jacoby Greenbelt and improve conservation practices in the Jacoby and Yellow Springs Creek subwatersheds.



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Do you have a farm that you want to stay a farm forever? Or have you longed to invest in a farm or a natural property? If so, we’d love to talk to you about how we might be able to help you achieve your goal! There have NEVER been more options for people who want to preserve their farms or natural properties. The tax benefit for voluntary Conservation Easements was expanded significantly late last year – see the attached fact sheet for more information--click here for the pdf file. We also work with several easement purchase programs and this is the season for thinking about whether you might wish to apply. Call 937-767-9490 or e-mail burns@tecumsehlandtrust.org, and we’ll explain the options available to you!

And if you just plain want to stop sprawl, get in touch. There are so many ways to volunteer and educate – everyone can make a difference, right in their own backyard!


Who we are

Tecumseh Land Trust is a nonprofit conservation organization serving Greene and Clark Counties of Ohio and surrounding areas. The purpose of Tecumseh Land Trust is to preserve agricultural land, natural areas, water resources, and historic sites, in voluntary cooperation More...

Protecting Land

Tecumseh Land Trust has preserved over 28,000 acres in Clark and Greene counties and surrounding areas. Included in the mix is a vibrant array of large and small farms, natural areas, and stream corridors. The work of this organization has helped to protect the regions



Tecumseh Land Trust  was the first land trust in Ohio to become accredited. To find out more information about preserving land, accreditation, FRPP, AEPP, land trusts, and the easement process, Click here.

Our organization # is 97774. Thank you for your support.

Our organization # is 97774. Thank you for your support.