Tecumseh Circle

Join the Tecumseh Circle - A Gift For Future Generations

By definition a land trust exists to provide for the future. The lands it holds in trust are our legacy for future generations.

We are fortunate in our community to have a rich heritage of beautiful farm and forest land. For many generations, land owners, organizations, and individuals have appreciated and protected the land's productivity and natural diversity. Tecumseh Land Trust has committed itself to continuing this tradition.

The nature of the work that Tecumseh Land Trust was created to do requires funds for acquiring conservation easements and for stewardship of dedicated lands in its care. The easements it holds protect our community's water resources, agricultural land, wildlife habitat, and historic sites and structures. Tecumseh Land Trust has promised to protect these conservation values, to steward them, in "perpetuity."

Bequests:Consider naming Tecumseh Land Trust as a beneficiary in your will. You can help protect farmland, water resources, historic areas, and wildlife habitat while qualifying for an estate tax deduction. Gifts in your will can include, among other things, a specified amount of money, gifts of property of all kinds, stocks and bonds or life insurance. Conservation easements can also be donated in your will.

Gifts of Cash:A gift of cash is the easiest way to help Tecumseh Land Trust protect land. If you itemize on your tax return, cash gifts are deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income.

Gifts of Stock:Appreciated stocks can be given. The donor pays no capital gains taxes on a gift of appreciated stocks, and can deduct the value of the stocks from his or her income tax.

Gifts of Real Estate:By making a gift of real estate to Tecumseh Land Trust you can receive a charitable income tax deduction for the property's fair market value and avoid capital gains. Tecumseh Land Trust can accept gifts of appreciated residential and commercial real estate and gifts of agricultural or natural land that you want to protect.

Life Income Gifts:Would you like to make a gift but are unable to give up the income on an income producing asset? Life income plans may offer more income than you are currently receiving while providing future funding for the land trust. These gifts qualify for income tax deductions and can help with retirement planning.

To learn more about any of these giving opportunities, please call Krista Magaw, Executive Director at (937)767-9490 or write to Tecumseh Land Trust, P. O. Box 417, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. Your inquiry is confidential.

The Tecumseh Land Trust cannot give tax or legal advice. We provide this information for you to consider to discuss it with your legal and tax advisors so that you may take full advantage of the tax benefits of your gifts.